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Work, Health & Safety

Commitment to Safety

At Corrib Formwork, we take safety very seriously. Our commitment to safety is #1 and paramount which places us at the forefront of the formwork industry. We pride ourselves on maintaining a zero-free injury rate; this has been and will continue to be achieved by vigilantly monitoring workplace for hazards, implementing measures to prevent occurrence of hazards/incidents, and providing ongoing training to staff in line with current evidence-based safety practices.

Corrib Formwork adopt the following philosophies to ensure compliance with National Standard Work Health and Safety (WHS)


  • PCBU’s, Workers and others have a personal responsibility for their own safety and health as well as that of others in the work place and are encouraged to be involved in the Work Health and Safety improvement process;

  • Processes to promote off the job safety as well as on the job safety are being further developed to support the ‘living safely’ culture;

  • Procedures and rules must be adhered to; and

  • Demonstrate our clear expectations to all employees and provide all necessary training to enable them to be met.

All relevant staff, are current Work Health and Safety White and Asbestos Awareness card holders. The Company has a maintained register and system in place to ensure other industry cards do not lapse. In addition, Corrib Formwork have a commitment to internal and external training. Other relevant Work Health and Safety accreditations held by team members are recorded.

Corrib Formwork are committed to a safe working environment for its employees and others who may be on or near a worksite. Work Health and Safety representatives meet on a monthly basis, though are required to discuss Work Health and Safety issues, if necessary to meet daily. Any issues requiring attention are raised at this forum and any remedial action is immediately identified and resolved. Regular Tool Box Talks keep all team members appraised of immediate WHS issues.

On site, our Work Health and Safety officer carries out random inspections. This officer produces a full report to the relevant

manager and Work Health and Safety Committee. A close working relationship exists with Work Cover NSW and Worksafe ACT. When the need arises, specialist advice will be sought from these authorities and our engaged specialised consultants who also carry out independent audits Copies of the following Quality documents and any other related documents can be provided on request:

Work Health and Safety Management Plan

Quality Assurance Policy and Plan

Workplace Relations

Corrib Formwork demonstrates best practice in all aspects of modern Workplace Relations. Employees are recognised through generous and flexible workplace conditions. Corrib Formwork engages specialist external assistance in working collaboratively with workplace authorities and third parties including:


  • Worksafe ACT and SafeWork NSW

  • Canberra Business Chamber

  • Employee advocate bodies


Our training programmes focus on key aspects that include, but not restricted to:


  • Work, Health and Safety

  • Welfare and individual well being

  • Workplace relations including freedom of association


Corrib Formwork has adopted an employment policy framework that embraces aspects of inclusion, diversity and quality. The Company is currently working through accessing Supply Nation recognition with assistance from our specialist consultant.

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